​Discovering the Philippines

The country is often said to be a merge of East and West. It’s too Asian for the West, too Western for the Asians. But for us it has the best of both, whatever the Philippines becomes right now is a product of its colorful, heartbreaking, yet beautiful past.

Moving Away From Home

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I moved from the South to the Metro – it has been just 2 weeks and I’m already missing home.

Life, Opportunities, and Regrets

But years made me realize it is really what we didn’t take, the what ifs, the late nights thinking, and the lost opportunities that we often regret the most.

With Love, Jessy

Hello there, I’m Jessy from the Philippines. I’m a BS Accountancy student, an aspiring writer, language and culture lover, and so much more that I, myself, has not even discovered up until now.