Moving Away From Home

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I moved from the South to the Metro – it has been just 2 weeks and I’m already missing home.


I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but I’m fortunate enough to haven’t done any heavy chores in our home and moving away from home is a challenge – I have to do my laundry, wash the dishes, and help clean the apartment we stayed in, budget my allowance, and buy foods which I didn’t do at home. I have to co-exist and adjust with my new surrounding. I wasn’t used to it – I cried one time telling my mother I already want to go home.

But they say, you won’t grow where you are comfortable – you have to jump out of your comfort zone and though I badly want to run in the comfort of our home – I know I have to overcome it for what I really want.


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  1. Definitely relate to this. I’m completely out of comfort zone right now, in a new state, with roommates I don’t know quite yet. Hope it got better for you.

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    1. Jessy says:

      Thank you! I still got homesick every now and then and usually go back to my hometown every weekends. 🙈


      1. Yeah, I’m gonna stick it out this weekend, but the weekend after that, I’m seeing my mom, she’s visiting. Which will help but also hurt when she leaves. But hopefully after that I’m more settled.

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      2. Hey whatever it takes. Just know you are not alone! I’m planning to visit home in two weekends, and my mom is visiting next weekend.

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        1. Jessy says:

          That’s the saddest part of getting back home, you know you have to leave again. But yes, we have to step out of our comfort zone. Glad to know you’ll be visiting your home and your mom will be visiting too.😊


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